Monday, November 5, 2007


Stress - the uncomfortable gap between how we would like our life to be and what it is.

What a great definition. I feel very stressed lately. My heart races. I get a headache. Sometimes I am not even sure why. It is just everything at once I guess. I can't put my finger on the one stressful thing. It is just a general feeling. Anyone else just feel a general stress without having a specific reason?

Today was not a bad day. It was busy. It was stressful. Abhijeet arrived from India today and joined us in the Dev Lab. It was nice to have him. Welcome Abhijeet!

After getting Morgan, I rushed home to make dinner and help Morgan with her homework. She had math and spelling. I can't wait until she can write again! She goes to the doctor tomorrow. She is hoping she can be tumbling in 3.5 weeks for her first cheer competition. :)

I heard from some Misys peeps that their PTO must ALL be used by March 31st. They can buy what they have at 50 cents on the dollar (ouch), but if they haven't used it by March 31st, they can't earn more. Ouch. To make it worse, there is now a mad rush on vacation requests! This seems to be a trend at companies now to reduce their liability. What do you think about PTO?

Tomorrow, I am getting up early to run, so I am signing off for the night. Nablopomo is fun!!!