Thursday, November 8, 2007


Today, I felt like I was at Misys, the home of the reorg. I am trying desperately to determine the best structure for the implementation team and who fits in which position the best. It brought back fond memories. We used to always joke, "If you don't like the way it is now, just wait because it will change soon enough." I hope that we don't need to change that often. It is pretty fun to watch the company and departments mature. I never thought I would like process stuff, but I really enjoy trying to find the best process that will work and then trying to improve it. Who knew?

I thought this article was interesting with the "how to know that you need to reorg list."

There are a wide variety of reasons for reorganizing an organization, particularly in today's rapidly changing marketplace. However, there are several reasons for reorganization that seem to keep coming up in small businesses, whether for-profit or nonprofit. These reasons include
1. An employee keeps complaining (and you agree) that he or she is overloaded with work.
2. Employees complain that their activities overlap.
3. An employee indicates (and you agree) that he or she does not have enough work to do during a work day.
4. Employees complain that they're reporting to more than one boss, or supervisor.
5. An employee complains that their work includes very different tasks. For example, they may have a highly complex and demanding project (e.g., leading strategic planning) and a large routine, recurring task (sorting a great deal of the organization's daily mail).
6. Management notices a large amount of employee turnover, that is, employees don't stay long enough with the organization.
7. A department, or major function in the organization, has recurring problems.

NOTE: It is not always problems that provoke the need for reorganizing. For example, if the organization has been conducting strategic planning and produced new goals, these goals may require the organization to reorganize. For example, if the business wants to expand marketshare in a certain region, then the organization may need a new office in that region, more sales people, etc.

I also heard today that Misys is banning AOL Instant Messanger (AIM) starting soon. Interesting. Wonder what fun stuff they will do next? I haven't really heard much in a while other than what I read on other sites, but the past few days I have heard from several people who are frustrated. It doesn't seem like people feel very confident in the direction being provided so far. It is sad because people seemed so hopeful a few months ago.

The death march, also known as release, is churning along. Unfortunately, the timeframe isn't gowing. :) Gotta love releases. This is a really cool release, but it is a lot to test and prepare for.

I didn't do my Couch to 5k today. I decided to let the body rest for a day. I am going to try to get up and go in the morning. I really like using the podcasts. It makes the time go by really fast because you don't have to think about what you are doing. I am nervous about next week where you run 3 minutes as the short portion and 5 minutes as the longer portion. I am not sure I am ready for 5 minutes yet. :) Of course, I didn't think I was ready for 3 minutes yet either and I have done ok. :) Anyone else doing the couch to 5k?


  1. Don't hate me...I tagged you for a meme on my site. See my latest post for details. :)

  2. Amy this is awesome stuff! Next thing you know, you and Mike are going to be doing the Amazing Race (or something). So amazing :)

    P.S. My run group has started running bleachers - I thought I was hardcore, but that stuff is worse than any steep hill! I forgot how running bleachers just zaps you!