Saturday, November 3, 2007

Football and Shirts

What a great day. First, I got to sleep until 9:30. I missed aerobics, but that is ok because I needed sleep SO badly. The trip to San Fran and back on the red eye really wiped me out. I was also stressed because I was also flying to Ft. Lauderdale this week. However, that was cancelled, and I am so happy about that.

Morgan was wanting attention this morning, so we hung out. Then, I bribed her to give me a little more time while she went and read or something. However, less than 5 minutes into my quiet time, she is crying and carrying on. So, I finally get up, and I am angry. She isn't telling me what the problem is, and then she blurts out that her fish died. Talk about feeling like a mean mommie. Then, I said the dumbest thing. "I will get you a new one sweetie." UGH. It was my chance to be fish free. But no. I had to go and promise a new one. She put the fish in a bag that is still in the house. Yuck. I guess we need to bury it. It was a lot easier with the hamster. He just went into the trash on trash day without another thought. Bummer.

Then, Morgan and I worked on creating some funny t-shirts to sell. We have decided to make an online store. Hopefully, we will be ready to release the first version tomorrow. :)

After t-shirt afternoon, we went to see the Bee Movie. It was very cute. It had some moments that made everyone howl with laughter. The rest was cute. Morgan asked for some yellow salt for her popcorn. Unfortunately, she dumped most of it on the popcorn. Ick. She ate it though. Scary.

We met Dana, Katie, Chris, and Michael at a Japanese restaurant in Brandon. It is fairly new and named Tokyo's. It was good. I had shrimp, veggies, and rice. Morgan wasn't feeling good (maybe it was the butter and salt??), so we left as soon as dinner was over. Of course, the chef asked if we all knew each other. Mike went around the table and referred to me as Wife #2 and Dana as Wife #1. Of course, he took that to mean that we were all together now. So, then he was making jokes the rest of the time. Crazy people.

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  1. Oh!Morgan's fish is dead :) even i will cry so no wonder that she cried ........pls pls get her a new fish.