Monday, November 12, 2007

Release minus 3 days

Our release is scheduled for Thursday. I hate release week. Everyone is all stressed out. Then, after it goes out, there is the calm before the storm. Then, there are the inevitable issues found that must be fixed quickly. Then, everyone is happy. But, until then, only slightly relieved.

We have officially picked our first 5k, although this one will probably be as much walking as jogging. It is a fundraiser for the epilepsy foundation. Epilepsy is a hard condition for a friend or family member to have, and there are many successful treatments available. However, many of them are only available if you meet specific criteria. I would love to see the criteria broadened so that more people can be freed from the battles faced with epilepsy. I have seen first hand the miracle that can happen with treatment. So, the Tampa Bay Lightning Reindeer Run 5k is this one. It also has kids races. Seems like a lot of fun.

Today was a rest day as far as exercise. Tomorrow morning will be the next run. Wish me luck!

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