Monday, November 19, 2007

Release Day!!!

Release Day is finally upon us. There is always an excitement and nervousness that comes with shipping a new release. Tomorrow will tell if we should be more excited or more nervous. :)

I went on a site visit today to a client in Tampa. It was fun to see users interacting with the software. When I arrived, there was a lady checking in on the kiosk. They talked me into getting a flu shot, so I did that. I am always nervous that the shot will give me symptoms. Not what I want 2 days before traveling. However, I certainly don't want the flu. I will never forget the one and only time I know I had the flu. Morgan was around 2, and we both had it. I ended up taking her to the ER at Vanderbilt Children's in the POURING rain when they were doing construction on the hospital. Since it was just the two of us, there wasn't anything I could do other than park the car and walk with her. I was about to collapse as I felt so badly myself, and we walked through the security metal detector. Of course, they had to check my purse, and I am barely able to stand. As soon as we walk to the check-in desk, Morgan pukes ALLLLLL over the lady and the desk. So much for a nice welcome. :) They ended up giving her an IV for fluids and we went home. It took a week to even feel human, and I even remember running into walls trying to go to the bathroom. So, that memory is what made me get the shot today. :)

I had a conference with Morgan's teacher. I think they expect a bit too much out of nine year olds these days. For example, Morgan had a few assignments that hadn't been turned in. Two of them were when she was out for the doctor. I know Morgan asked for them because she mentioned it when I picked her up from school. So, what I am upset about is that I would have never known this if I hadn't asked for a conference. I see test scores come home that are good, so I assume all is good. I asked how I can know that everything is getting turned in, and she said I can email her and ask. I guess that will do for now.

We are having our Thanksgiving meal at the office tomorrow. We are doing a "healthy drive" at the office leading up to a 5k race. The theme is License to 5 Kil...ha ha..Lisa cracks me up. Anyway, we get a raffle ticket if we bring in a healthy recipe and another if we share the recipe. Woo Hoo...two tickets coming my way. :) I made a lighter green bean casserole AND a lighter key lime pie. :) YUM. I only have 19 days until my 1st 5k. Only 2 days until VEGAS!!!!!!!!!

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