Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tampa Arrival

Oh, what a nice airport. I love the Tampa airport. Nicely designed. Easy to get around in. Boy, SFO needs their help. We get our luggage (it all made it on each of the legs and we were generally on time for each flight - AMAZING!). Krishan and I rode together, and we were in the economy lot. We get on the bus and get to the car. Krishan teaches me the Dale Mabry way from the airport. Nice to know.

Mike's doctor's appt is already in progress when I am driving down Dale Mabry. He says he is still int he waiting room. I rush to the office, drop Krishan off, and head back to the doctor's office. I doubt I can make it in time, but I try. Amazingly enough, Mike calls as I pull in the parking lot to tell me that he had just gotten into a room. I get to the room, and the doctor comes in less than 5 mins later. Amazing. He goes over the great results that his bone marrow was normal. We discuss next steps. Mike will see an ID doc next. And the fun continues.

Morgan, Mike, and I head to Los Vallartas for dinner after cheerleading. Morgan didn't even complain, and I didn't either. What a treat for Mike! :) I help Morgan with her homework by writing sentences for Morgan to then underline the subject and predicate. When does that splint come off???

I am exhausted, but I can't fall asleep. Must be on that CA time. Finally get to sleep only to have morning arrive 2 minutes later. Not fair at all.

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