Thursday, November 1, 2007

Last Booth Day

We check out of the hotel in the morning, and Krishan, Miguel, and I eat at Mel's Diner on the way. I had my standard bagel with a little margerine for 6 points. Score! The day flies by, and we have a ball showing off our cool stuff. We were amazingly busy every single day, including today. At the end of the show, we are ready to rip this thing down and get out of there! We loved the show, but there is always a great feeling about finishing. My feet feel like a Bull has been standing on them for a while (and stomping I think), so I am very happy to take the shoes off. We frantically pack our equipment, and wait on the boxes. Thankfully, they come pretty quickly. We get everything packed and on the crate. Krishan and I notice that there is an awful lot of stuff to carry onto the plane. Nobody else seems to mind. Oh well.

We leave to go to the Pickwick to get our bags. Travis, Mark, Miguel, and I change clothes. Ahhh....jeans....We go to get the car. After what seems like 7 years, we finally get the car paid for and he moves it 3 inches forward and tells us we can get in. Travis loves that kind of stuff and starts making silly comments. I think the parking guy is still confused. We pack the car to the max and head out. I think we are getting to go to the Fisherman's Whart to get a bread bowl and soup. I was WRONG. So, then I think, Chinatown. WRONG. So, we head to the airport (through a little detour through the hood of San Fran. We even saw a dead guy after he was smacked by a car while riding a bike. Scary stuff. The hotel bellman had told me that there were a lot of restaurants past the airport at the next exit. So, we go there. Poor Mark then gets to do at least 10 U turns while everyone argues about where to go. Finally, we eat at In and Out Burger. Krishan is thrilled since he is a vegetarian. We finally head to the airport. Of course, we each have to take 4 things in order to get the stuff through the 23 mile trip from the rental car place to the ticket counter. I think I dropped my boxes 12 times. We finally check in. I am SO thankful that Sharon has moved me from a middle seat to an aise. Thanks Krishan for making that call! :) I end up with an entire row. Not sure how I got that lucky. I was asleep before the plane left at 10:30 CA time. I slept fitfully, but I did sleep most of the way to Atlanta. We arrived at 3:00 CA time (6:00 Atlanta time). We had a 2 hour delay in Atl. We left there at 8 and arrived in Tampa at 9:30am. FUN!

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