Friday, November 16, 2007


I am not sure if I have ever been so happy to see Friday roll around. What a week! With all of the go lives and the release getting its final cut on Friday, it has been quite a week. It just seemed to be one of those weeks where all kinds of things went wrong, and then it was really busy on top of that.

Mike left his keys at a client in Louisianna, so I had to pick him up from the aiport. Of course, Morgan also had a sleepover that started at 6. Thankfully, Kelly continued her angelic status and offered to take Morgan to the sleepover. Whew. Mike and I met Tony, Sidney, Mark, Mark, and Sidney's husband out at Channelside. We went to Howl at the Moon, Stump's, and Banana Joe's. It was a ton of fun, and I am so glad that I had flexpoints to spend! Spend them I did. I actually went over 2 points. :( Oh well, I still did pretty well. I will go 2 points lower than normal on Sunday. :) We had a great time eating at Stump's. I hadn't ever eaten there before, but it was really good. I had prime rib which is my favorite type of steak. I was good and had green beans since Mike was a bad influence and ordered Nachos. They were really good and spicy. Of course, the alcohol wasn't so good for the points allowance, but it sure did spice up the night. Mad Dog made an appearance, and I think Trixie was on her way out when we left. :)

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