Monday, November 12, 2007

Tag Answers

So, I was tagged twice. Here are my answers.

My first tag was by the Cheer Chick.

1.whats your favorite color - orange for my Tennessee Vols

2.whats your favorite animal - cat

3.whats your favorite song - Jack and Diane

4.whats your favorite book - Too many to name - Nelson Demille is my favorite author

5.whats your favorite movie - Pretty Woman

6.whats your favorite number - 4

7.whats your favorite day of the week - FRIDAY you have any pets if so how many - 1 kitten and 2 cats (well, really only one of them is mine)

My second tag by the Sports Chick asked:

What are your 2 favorite songs by Hannah Montana? Rock Star and Nobody's Perfect

So, I am tagging Michael, Banu, and Courtney (revenge lol).

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