Friday, November 2, 2007

Digital Medical Office of the Future

After the AAP show, I have been thinking a lot about the booth. It was really nice to see them organize an exhibit to get physicians excited about the possibilities. It seems that I mainly hear complaining from providers - it costs too much, it takes time to learn, my staff doesn't want to change, etc, etc, etc. It is strange to me to have to convince providers that using an EHR will help them. I was amazed at the comments from the show. Many of those providers have had little exposure to electronic medical records.

The pediatric challenge starts off with importing a CCR. I think this is something that could really change healthcare for the better. If providers would exchange these, they can reduce errors, create a seamless transfer for the patient, and reduce data entry. How cool is that?

I was talking to some friends who used to work at Misys. We were talking about the bad press Misys is getting. It seems they can't get a break. I am not sure what Mr. Histalk's relationship is to Misys, but he sure does hit the nail on the head. Some classic lines by Mr. Histalk in the last week.

When talking about the Misys Connect Opensource - I would be at least a tiny bit impressed if the company open sourced something that might actually increase EMR adoption, like one of its stable of poorly selling EMR applications. This is like someone claiming to be an open source evangelist because they loaded Firefox onto their Vista/Office PC.

Sad that the Connect strategy was the supposed future of Misys Healthcare just a few months ago and now the related accoutrements have been donated like a rusted out Chevette.

Free isn't good enough if it doesn't work well.

The iMedica deal wasn't announced as exclusive. To a prospect, does Misys add value or subtract from it as opposed to just buying from iMedica in the first place?

The Misys salespeople finally get something to sell, but their fingers must be crossed hoping that prospects will forget that what was once a scorned competitor is now the solution that Misys recommends instead of the ones it developed.


I don't really have much to add. As usual, Mr. Histalk seems to have hit the nail on the head.

I do wonder if the same person who named the PM Tiger named the iMedica product by Misys MyWay...sounds more like a Burger King Hamburger than an EMR. Or maybe it was the same person who came up with the creative Misys EMR name.

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