Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ahhhh New Shoes

Running Shoes - ahhh...Courtney who is miles ahead of me in this running stuff told me about a store in Tampa called The Running Center. She told me that I needed to get good running shoes. So, I have been thinking about that every time I go out, but I didn't want to rush out and buy them early if I wasn't really going to do it. I decided that finishing the 3rd week counted as long enough, so I went there today (of course, I went AFTER running). Anyway, the nice people at the store watch you walk and run (which I have to admit was kind of weird), and then they advise you on the type of shoe to wear. So, she gave me two shoes to pick from, and I had to try a couple of widths and sizes to get the right fit. As soon as I put them on though I could feel the difference. They actually support my foot! :) They are Asics. I think my old shoes are 5 years old and pretty flat. I can't wait to see what these are like on the run. Also, they tell you to go running in them and bring them back if they don't work. I will keep you posted. I got so excited about the shoes that I thought about my friend Liz. She LOVES shoes.

Morgan had cheer practice this morning, and I completely forgot that Lifestyles was closed today for a family picnic. So, like a good girl, I showed up for step only to remember that they weren't open. Bummer. Old Amy would have used that as an excuse, but not new Amy! I went to the park and did the week three couch 2 5k program again. They had flag football games going, so it provided some entertainment while I did it.

Tennessee did well today and beat Arkansas. I am still a little bitter about last years game, so I was glad the Vols won. If they win against Vandy and Kentucky (which used to be a given but isn't any more), they will get to go to Atlanta for the SEC Championship game. I never would have thought that would be a possibility when I was watching Florida stomp my poor Vols or when I was watching Alabama slaughter my poor Vols. Thankfully, my Dad's team Mississippi State beat Alabama for me today. :) Georgia slaughtered Auburn today, so I had to hear Mark talk about how the Dawgs own Alabama (since Mississippi State and Georgia beat the Alabama teams). My poor brother Mike will have to hear it for a while now.

We went to watch Michael play baseball today. He pitched really well, and at one point he tackled a kid to get him out near home plate. It was pretty funny. We went to eat pizza after the game. I have been saving my flex points for pizza all week. It was SO good. I am pretty sure that is what flex points were created for. :)

I also started a new blog today for my Couch 2 5k program and diet. It is here.

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  1. Yahoo for new shoes! I know it feels a bit wacky to have them watch you run, but it's SO worth it to be wearing the best pair of shoes for you. My feet have always over-pronated, and now I even have OTC-orthodics and went up a half-size (from huge to huge-er). Thank you, pregnancy gods!

    Anyhow, never would have known that if I didn't get fitted. :) Run Amy, run! xo