Sunday, November 18, 2007

Project Sunday

Today, Morgan and Alexis had to work on their NASA project since it is due tomorrow. Mike and I went running today (I finished week 4 woo hoo!), and then I took her to Alexis' house. By the time we got there, they only had an hour. So, we rushed to cheer practice. Then, I went to get my haircut while Morgan had her practice. I just made it back to watch them do the routine a few times before we rushed back to Alexis' house. For 3 more hours, they worked on their project. However, it looks amazing. They did a really nice job.
Mike met us at Subway for dinner. I guess I am trying to make up for my -2 flex points because today I have only had 14.5 points. :) I think that means I need popcorn. :)

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