Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Successful Go Lives

This week has brought a record setting week of go lives for Bond. We have ever person in the field who can possibly take a client live I think. Well, other than development resources since it is release week. It has been crazy. However, these clients have all done a fantastic job, and their implementation staff has done a fantastic job. The main things they have in common:

1. At least one major advocate pushing the project from the inside
2. They took the time to learn the options and customized (or had us customize) the application to be their perfect workflow.
3. They practiced real visits prior to go live.

It has been interesting watching them. Successful EMR implementations are not difficult if people want it. They often fail when there is a "Staff Infection" as Sharon says. If there isn't someone driving the project internally, it is too easy to fall into excuses. To quote Mike, "Your goal should be a boring go live."

I am so proud of my Bond family. We have come so far, and it is so exciting to see all of these clients go live in one week and do so well!

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  1. kadoos to Amy for her strong leadership!!! Alice Gleason