Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bad Blogger - Overdue Update

Sorry for the pictures being out of order - update is below the pictures!
Morgan soaking wet

Morgan after swimming in uniform

Morgan with Sam and Krissy

Chris the Rapper

Mark and Chris hamming it up

Mike saying he is from the WC

The kids table

Dinora and Jamie

Allison, Eric, Jamie, Mara, Kraig, Becca's Mom

More Morgan soaking wet

The kids in the water - beautiful view

Going in

About to go in


Mike, Chris, and Morgan in the water

Chris and Morgan

View of the Beach

Picture I forgot to post earlier - the whole dev team taking up a long bar in the WC

The last few weeks have been so incredibly busy that I have been a bad blogger. I have been to HIMSS in Chicago where it snowed in April. A bit of a weather change for a girl living in Florida. :) We had a great show though, and it was fun to see so many current and past colleagues. I went to the HIStalk reception and was anointed with the "Inga's BFF" sash to wear. What an honor! The reception was fun, and I had a great time. That same night, there was a past/current Medic/Misys gathering. It was great to see some people who I hadn't seen in forever. The show itself was much busier than I expected. I guess the stimulus funding really did have an impact because I think it would have been slower without that.
After HIMSS, I went to Nashville where I hadn't been in over a year. It was so fantastic to hang with Grams, Papa, Morgan, and Mike. The Brentwood/Franklin area continues to grow and it is always amazing to me when I go back. We saw the Hannah Montana movie, and it was actually good. I wasn't expecting a lot, but I liked it. I love the Hoedown Throwdown song. My mom and I went shopping, and we had a great time. It was a bit of a rush as we were on our way to dinner. We really just went to look for shoes, but we ended up looking at clothes as well. We met the boys and Morgan at Buca di Peppo (we were late and the boys were grumpy). We had great food and wine, and it was just so nice to be with my family. :) After dinner, Grams persuaded me to go shoe shopping again since we didn't get to look the first time. We found some shoes at the mall, but it was quite the hysterical shopping trip. We laughed and laughed and laughed which was great.
After we got home from Nashville, I had a crazy busy two days and then flew to Salt Lake City for a meeting. It was a long flight, but I did get upgraded on the flight which made it a LOT better. It was snowing there too - was more of a snow/rain though so it didn't stick. I flew home Thursday night, and I got home after 1:00 to relieve Uncle Mark who was my hero by keeping Morgan for me at the last minute. THANKS MARK!
I slept for a few hours and then Morgan and I were off to the beach for her last cheer competition. We were delayed in the morning by some client issues at work, but we still made it to the beach by 2:30. We hung out in the afternoon and waited for our room to be ready. We were staying at the Oceanwalk resort, and they said that it would be ready at 4:00. So, we hung at the beach and didn't go up until after 4:30. Still not ready. The guy at the desk (Dan) was very flippant and said that the room might not be ready until 9:00. The manager tried really hard to get the room ready, and he kept telling me that their system didn't allow any changes or account for when people arrive. We didn't get our room until almost 6. At least it wasn't 9.
The condo was beautiful even thought it was not oceanfront. It was two bedrooms and had a huge wraparound deck. We went and got pizza across the street, and then Mike and Chris arrived. We didn't stay up too late, but Morgan and I did get a little silly late in the night. Morgan was making up songs and tickling me. We giggled hysterically. We certainly missed Grams and Papa who have been the last two years with us to Daytona. We also missed Katie and Michael who decided to stay in Tampa for baseball/softball. We hung on the beach Saturday until Morgan had to get ready. Uncle Mark joined us around noon. We watched the senior team at the last minute before we had to rush off and get ready. They did really well.
Morgan took another shower and we did her hair with the wet/dry flat iron again (we had done it the night before). I have to say that I have gotten way better at doing hair and makeup as it only took a few minutes. It used to take me 30 minutes to do just the makeup. Improvement...:) Once Morgan got with her team, they did the Hoedown Throwdown 17 times in a row. We left them after a few and went back to the beach. We decided around 4:30 that we needed to crank up the margarita machine. WOO HOO! Party in the Gleason room! Mark and I tried to practice the Hoedown Throwdown, but we were pretty slow. :)
We rushed down to see the girls around 5:40, and they went on at 6:07. They did awesome. Thankfully, Uncle Mark put our name in at Bubba Gump's before the girls went on because it still took until 8 to get a table even with that. The girls went into the ocean in their uniforms because they got 1st place (tradition). They weren't competing against anyone so they got first as long as they scored a certain amount of points.

Saturday night, we went to Bubba Gump which has become a Saturday in Daytona tradition. We had fun hanging out and being a little silly. The kids couldn't stand to not do the Hoedown Throwdown. I had the shrimp poboy (every single year this is what I get even though I think I might try something else one day). They sang happy birthday to Dinora. After dinner, we went back for more margaritas. The kids went swimming in the indoor pool. It was a fantastic day.We drove back to Tampa today and went home to play with the dog for a while before going to see Morgan's coaches compete on an adult open team. Their team was awesome! I was amazed to see these adults doing so many flips and twists!

We are now home chillin on the couch - it has been a long time coming! I don't think I have gotten to chill on the couch in a long time. Cheer season is officially over for the 2008/2009 season. It was a great one!

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