Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Patients empowering patients

As we go into a new phase of treatment, I am constantly reminded of how valuable the patient network is. I asked another parent for a recommendation of a pediatric endocrinologist. While we were talking, he said, "let me share our experience with you so that hopefully you can avoid it." I listened very carefully as I have learned the power of what other patients or parents know. Even though he had some critical things to say about the doctor, he also said some very positive things. So, it wasn't about the doctor at all which I think is part of the fear that doctors have. They don't want to be trashed for situations that the patient didn't like but were necessary. Instead, this father told me two things to watch out for and to expect at the visit. In fact, he said, now you at least know if those don't happen to ask why. Ahhh....patient connectivity is so very valuable. Now, if we can just make it easier to connect.

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