Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Patient Preferences Are Important!

Morgan got her monthly infusions today. We ran into some interesting pushback from the IV nurse.

Since Morgan has been getting these infusions for over 3 years now,  she knows what works and what doesn't. She is pretty clear on the matter.

They always draw labs from the IV site when they start the IV, but at least 80% of the time, the samples have hemolyzed and they have to come stick her again in the morning at 5am (she is NOT a morning person). So this time, she told me that she was going to ask them if she can just have labs drawn separately in the beginning instead of having them done from the IV. I told her that if that is what she wants, then she should ask. As you all know, she is pretty shy. I didn't think she would actually do it, and I thought she was going to look at me to get me to ask them when they came in.

The IV nurse came in, and she asked Morgan if she had a location preference. Morgan said she prefers her hand. The nurse is looking and she says, "I would prefer to go here" and she pointed to the underneath part of her arm. Morgan said, "No. I would prefer it in my hand." I was so proud of her. She was nice and polite but she looked her in the eye and told her what she wanted. The nurse put it in her hand.

Then Morgan told her that she didn't want labs drawn from the IV and would just rather get them from a lab stick. The IV nurse was all hot and bothered by it and kept insisting that she could make it work. She said something at least 6 times that seemed like intimidation tactics to me. Morgan held steady and not only held to what she wanted, but she also tried to educate the nurse. She said that it actually hurts worse when they do it through the IV because they have to push and pull on it, and when they do it for the lab it is quick and doesn't hurt.

After they were finished, the IV nurse went to find Morgan's regular nurse and went on and on in the hallway about how she REFUSED to let her draw labs from the IV. I was appalled as Morgan was so very nice and polite while asking what she wanted.

Patients have a right to have things done in the way that meets their preferences. Go Morgan Go!

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