Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cantina Laredo Review

I have now been to Cantina Laredo three times. Of course, we have been to Los Vallarta somewhere nearing 100 times I think. Those are the only two mexican restuarants we have nearby (unless you could fast food mexican).

Cantina Laredo has a nicer environment, but they don't see to be very good at table management. Los Vallarta will get you in and out much faster.
Advantage: Tie

Los Vallarta has the best margaritas by far. They kick Cantina's butt without even trying. Plus, you can get a margarita the size of Mexico and enjoy the evening a lot more!
Advantage: Los Vallarta

Cantina Laredo kicks Los Vallarta butt with moderate effort here. However, Cantina Laredo gives these really small bowls of chips and is very stingy about refilling them. For example, we had one bowl of chips today for 5 people (each bowl holds maybe 15 chips). Los Vallarta has good chips and salsa, but the rest of the food is so so.
Advantage: Cantina Laredo

Los Vallarta looks like Bern's steak house compared to Cantina Laredo. The first waiter we had was good. The second waitress was so very bad that I wanted to walk out and never come back. The third waitress was so much better than the 2nd, but she was very slow on drinks and again was very stingy with chips.
Advantage: Los Vallarta

Cantina Laredo is in a much nicer location, and it is next to the Brass Tap for after dinner drinks. Los Vallarta is in a strip mall.
Advantage: Cantina Laredo

Winner – I think it is a tie. If you want to get a good buzz more than you want good food, then Los Vallartas is your place. If you want better food than margarita, then Cantina Laredo is your place. If you want good service more than all other criteria, Los Vallarta is for you. If you want other things nearby, Cantina Laredo is your best bet. Go with your mood but bring patience with you if you go to Cantina Laredo!

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