Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chris Driving, Titans Losing, We will miss Grams and Papa

Today, we relaxed around the house with Wii, PS3, keyboard playing, and showers. We left for Buffalo Wild Wings around noon to watch the Titans with Grams, Papa, and Uncle Mark.

View from the back of the van (Chris is driving!)

Apparently, we didn’t leave early enough as there weren’t seats for us. L There was a Grill 54 restaurant, so we went there. The service was pretty slow, but the food was good (most of us had burgers and they were HUGE!). The Titans apparently forgot that they were supposed to PLAY today, and they were stomped. I guess it is hard to get motivated when you already know you are in the playoffs, have a bye week, and have home field advantage. So, we cut them some slack. Morgan said it best as we were leaving, “Why do Grams and Papa have to go home? Why can’t they just get a part time house here?” We have loved having them here and will miss them.
Chris did a lot of driving (especially after Katie forgot her book at the restaurant and we had to go back to get it!). Mike and I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to get our new elliptical machine today. It was quite the effort to get it upstairs (it is HEAVY) and to get it put together. The man at the store said it would take 30 minutes or so. I think it took us 2 hours (and Mike is good at these kinds of things!). Whew…I am so excited to have it though! I will need it too because we opened the basket that Deborah sent the kids and had ice cream with all kinds of toppings!!! YUM…

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  1. Um, how on EARTH is Chris old enough to drive? I can't believe it!

    Yay on the elliptical, though. I've LOVED having a gets rid of just about every excuse you can come up with to not exercise. :)