Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mike and Michael!

Today is Mike's birthday and Micahel's birthday. It is always fun to have both of them celebrating at the same time. This year has given a lot of biking presents since we have been doing more bike riding. We also had a cake for Chris since his boating party last weekend didn't involve cake. It was fun singing to all three of them and slicing up the cakes. Now, if they can just be eaten already to stop tempting me. :)

In the afternoon, we went on a bike ride at Flatwoods, the 11 mile traile. Everyone went. Morgan and Katie hadn't been before, and it was fun to get us all out there. A storm was rolling in, and I was getting nervous that Morgan and I were going to get caught in it, but we just got a little rain until I was putting the bikes in the car. THEN, it POURED. :) It was a fun ride though. We saw turtles, turkeys, and lot of huge crickets. Katie, Mike, Chris, and Michael saw a deer but Morgan and I missed it but saw more turkeys.

After the bike ride, we went to the Rays game. The lost to evil Detroit, but we still had a great time. We were on the third base side of the field. After the game, it was the Rays Summer Concert Series and the Beach Boys were the band. SO many people stayed for the concert. It was amazing. They were good, and I had never seen them before.

Katie had her toe stepped on at the game and was struggling to walk back to the car. So, we rode a rickshaw by bike back to the car. That poor guy had some serious BO. I had to plug my nose the whole ride, but he did get us back without Katie having to walk. The boys walked (well ran really) to the car. Chris was going faster than the bike for a while. :)

Happy Birthday Mike and Michael! Hope you had a great day!

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