Monday, April 11, 2011

Back to Blogging

Ok, I guess I needed to let something go during so much stress, so blogging was it. However, I have really missed it. So, I am going to pledge to hit 30 days in a row of blogging to get back on track. :)

We just moved into a new house so it has been pretty hectic. We are getting closer to being settled and we are starting to have some box-free rooms. I am ready to have it over, be able to park in the garage (both cars for the first time in 6 years!), have pictures hung, and have all the phones working! :) We are really liking the new house though.

I have seen a friend doing a picture of the day on Facebook, and I really enjoy it. So, I am going to start a picture of the day as it might give me something to blog about on days that I am stuck. :) Today's picture is an ode to my old closet. This room was about 12X12. I have to say that I took it for granted after a while, and I am missing it as I try to find places for 9,000 pieces of luggage, shoes, old pictures, etc. We never had a problem storing anything in the old closet. :) Bye awesome closet...I will miss you.

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  1. Wow, that was quite the large closet. If you want a recommendation to a great custom closet place that we've used a few times, let me know. It will help maximize the closet space you have. We swear by it. Can't wait to see the new house!