Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Frustrating Day

Today was a rough day. I think I should have just taken pain meds and tried to sleep through it!

First of all, these stone fragments and renal colic are not fun at all. I was all excited to get this stone business over with, and I am glad that I am on the road. However, I am just impatient and I want it to all be better right now. Not tomorrow or Friday, but NOW. :)

Secondly, I get up and try to really make a difference in my job today. I decided that I am going to make the day good regardless of pain or other people and their attitudes or challenges or whatever. I am going to move mountains no matter what anyone else says. :)

There are those people in life that make things work. They just always find a way to improve things, add to things, create things, add humor, and just generally get it done. These people don't make excuses. They just do their job and find a way to make it happen even if there are unforseen situations. There are the people who pretend to make things work by talking a lot of talk. These people can ALWAYS come up with a reason why what they were supposed to do isn't done. Then, there are the worst kind of all - those who prevent work from occurring either by poor leadership, negative actions, caring more about power or structure than the job and the client, etc. Unfortunately, every company has some. I wish that I could get rid of them at my workplace and have hardworking people who truly want to make a different in the clients' lives surround us all. Reality though indicates that we will have to continue to do more work and put more effort in to counteract those people. Too bad...

I did get a lot done regardless though, and I am happy about that. I had a meeting today that really started some good discussion and ideas and will hopefully improve the lives of employees and clients. :) So, my goal was met in the end. It was successful. Now, if I could just get these stones to cooperate. :)

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