Friday, January 30, 2009

Out with January

I have literally had no time to even blog in the last few weeks. I am happily toasting the end of January and welcoming in February! Some highlights to catch you up...

Week of Jan 5th - had lithotripsy for kidney stones. Started work on solution review and sales meeting. Of course, CCHIT had a lot of priority as well

Week of Jan 12th - sales team in Tampa all week getting trained on the software. Spent all weekend testing CCHIT and preparing sales certification materials. I had a blast training them on how to demo the software and socializing with them. Great team!!! I am so excited to finally have a sales team!

Week of Jan 19th - Hell week - Flew to Atlanta on Monday, Solution Review on Tuesday, landed at midnight on Tuesday, prepped for CCHIT on Wednesday (and all night), tested for CCHIT on Thursday, partied like it was 1999 on Thursday night (We passed!), and tried to catch up on Friday.

Weekend - got my hair cut, went shopping, and looked at houses.

Monday - flew to San Antonio (well, the remote area near there) but missed a flight and had to go standby 4 times in a row before getting on a plane. UGH....finally arrived...yippee!

Mon - Thurs - sales meeting was great. Very informative and fun as well! Sales people are always great. Of course, my liver is not happy, but I had fun!

Thursday night - got on an earlier flight home. Had to circle Tampa due to storms and low cloud cover. Finally landed (less than a minute after being able to see the ground - creepy!)

Friday - attempted to get caught up at work. Took Morgan's cut out body organs to school after she left them at home. Had lots of meetings. Crossed a LOT of items off of the to do list. Unfortunately, it keeps growing! :)

Friday night - watched Morgan throw her full at the gym. Went to dinner with Denise, Damian, Mara, Kraig, Mike, and ALL of the kids. Had GLASS in my Margarita...I was not a happy camper. ICK.

Tomorrow, the last day of Jan, we have a cheer competition. Of course, it is a two day one that ends on SUPER BOWL SUNDAY.

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  1. Is that what they call a "spiked" Margarita, Amy? CONGRATS on CCHIT!!!