Sunday, February 1, 2009

GO WILDCATS! Hello February!

Sophie watching her first Super Bowl

Morgan's National Champion Team

Morgan's team had their second cheer competition this weekend, and they are officially National Champions. Ok, so they didn't actually compete against anyone, but they still got 1st place! :) Seriously, they did a much better job this time than the last competition, and Morgan FINALLY threw her full! Way to go Morgan!

I wrote briefly about the glass incident at Vallartas. I am still shocked that there was glass in my drink and that I chewed it. I am more shocked that the manager didn't seem shocked at all. Too bad because I really like their margaritas. However, their food has always been lacking, so I can't say I will miss that!

To continue the glass saga, we went to Yamato for dinner last night, and a waiter dropped a glass. He picked up pieces, and about 30 minutes later, Morgan stepped on a HUGE piece of broken glass. Thankfully, she had flip flops on, and it didn't go through her shoe. Meanwhile, Mark has been waiting for about 30 minutes for a drink. The manager kept telling us that it wasn't the waiter's fault. I don't think he understood that we didn't really care if it was the bartender or the waiter or was bad regardless! Poor Mark even went to the bar to speed it up. He was thirsty! At least the manager did try to make it right. On the other hand, we had the BEST Hibachi Chef that we have ever had. He was amazing. His name is Arcel (not sure if that is spelled correctly), so we suggest asking for him. :) We also suggest drinking beer as it is much faster to get than the mixed drinks. Otherwise, Yamato was a success!

Our friends Lauren and Josh were pregnant (well, I guess technically Lauren is the pregnant one!) with quadruplets, and Baby A made a very early entry into this world and didn't survive. Hopefully, Baby B, Baby C, and Baby D will hang in there for AT LEAST 6 more weeks (hopefully more like 15!). Please pray for them and the babies. You can follow their blogs here.

The evil Steelers won. Since they knocked my Titans out, I was sad. I wanted Grams and Papa to come to Tampa for the game. Each Super Bowl, I crack up remembering our trip in 2000 to the one in Atlanta when the Titans played the Rams and lost by one yard. The lost tickets by FedEx, the ice storm, the nasty hotel, the creepy parking lot with a hole in the fence, the boxers with someone at the door, and someone hitting me in the head with a bottle at the end of the game. Plus, of course, the great parts of laughing with my parents, having success getting into the game, catching a paper dove from the show, watching the big trucks on the field at halftime, the amazing game until the last play, and on and on and on. Oh well, another Super Bowl. As Vols are good at saying, "There is always nextyear!"

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