Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday in KL

Snacks in the lobby - one is a flavored chip that takes kind of like a sweeter barbeque, one was a nut covered in curry, and one was "american pretzels". All of it was YUM.

So, I was a little down about my suitcase not arriving, and I didn't even have my stuff to do my crazy hair. So, I decided to see if the hair salon at the hotel could fix it in between meetings. The man was very friendly and he washed it first in a basin. The chair next to the basin was so comfortable. I definitely could sleep there. :) He massaged my head, and it was very relaxing. Then, he fixed my hair so straight that it is amazing and he didn't even use a flat iron. He said that there is a bonding process you can do to straighten it and that it will be straight forever. He did then say that you might have to touch up the roots...hmmmm....anyway, he said you could just let it air dry and it would be straight. I have loved having curly hair at times, but most of the time it is just a pain. So, I am thinking about it.

The show opened today, and I wore my only nice outfit that was in my carry on. The green shirt and black slacks. I didn't have a jacket, but I think it was ok. I received a message tonight that my luggage should be here tomorrow at 7am (well at the airport). The show opens tomorrow at 11, so hopefully it will get here in time for me to change.

I am about to go to dinner in my red shirt that I bought here just because I don't dare wear the green one in case something tragic happens to it. :)

We are going to eat at a Japanese place tonight. I am excited. I do have a call tonight at 9 this time, but otherwise, it should be a good night.
The Japanese place was very good. I had some strange type of Martini with some pear like fruit it it that was very good. I think they called it a leche martini or something like that. I had some sushi and some tempura for dinner. YUM

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