Monday, February 9, 2009

5 more days until vacation!

I am so very excited about having a vacation in beautiful Cancun! :) We are meeting Grams and Papa at their timeshare, and we cannot wait!

Unfortunately, Dana had to rear her evilness. She wouldn't let the kids miss ONE day of school back in the fall to go on a cruise, so we didn't even dream of asking about FOUR days of school this time. Well, now, she is of course acting like we should have taken the kids. You can't win with her, so I am not going to worry about it. I hope the kids know that she is the reason that they aren't coming though. That is the hard part. :(

This week will be a whirlwind of preparation, and we leave for Cancun and then I fly to Malaysia for a conference the week after that. Lots to do. :)

I had a good giggle tonight when Mike thought I was taking the kids to the Taylor Swift concert alone. Bwaaaa Haaaaa...of course, he has a ticket and is coming with me! Bwaaa Haaa Haaaa....:)

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