Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday in Cancun

Today, we enjoyed our first morning of not having to get up at any given time. It was fantastic! Mom and Dad were already up and sitting on the balcony. See previous pictures for the view of the balcony. We had not been here in 5 years, and while I remembered that it was beautiful, I had forgotten that it was THAT beautiful!!! Incredible is what I think each morning when I wake up and look out off the balcony.

We went down to the pool and hung out at the pool bar. This entry will be kind of short and you will probably figure out why pretty quickly. The first question the bartender asks is, “Do you want a small or vacation size banana monkey drink?” I saw vacation size. Next, I order a margarita. Again, it is vacation sized. Then, my parents come down so that we can go to the opening party. We go and have rum and coke (these appear to be small but apparently they have a vacation amount of alcohol). We are just having a grand time. We go to the beach. We go in the water. Mike and I both lose our sunglasses in the waves. We sit on the beach. A waiter comes. Oh sure, another vacation sized margarita sounds great!!!!!!! We eat some chips and salsa. The girls bury themselves in the sand. We have a wonderful time. At some point, we go to dinner. I decided that the couch was a fantastic place to go to sleep. The end. :)

Lesson of the day – too many vacation sized margaritas (especially with your parents) MIGHT bring on some embarrassing stories that you MIGHT not want to know about. :)

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