Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday in Playa Del Carmen

Today, we got up a little earlier than normal, and the girls went to paint t-shirts. Emily painted a turtle, and Morgan painted dolphins. Then, we rented a car (a Durango), and we packed our stuff to go to Playa Del Carmen for the day. Papa had to leave a 450 dollar deposit for the car. YIKES...Mike starts out driving, and we only make it a couple of miles before we get pulled over. We had carefully been watching the speed limit signs, and they said 70 km/hr. Mike was only going 60 km/hr at the highest, but the cop said that he was going 80. The cop also said it was 40 in the hotel zone in places, and that he was going 80 in the 40. Of course, this is BS but what are you going to do? So, the cop says that Mike can either have his license taken and go to the police station the next day (it supposedly takes a day to do the paperwork) and pay the $150 (that is US - not pesos) fine OR he can do it the "easy" way and pay $150 now and get his license back. So, Mike says he will pay now, and the cop gives him a book to put the money in so that nobody will see it. Mike is so mad that steam is coming from his ears. I want to take a picture, but Grams won't let me. It is insane that they can get away with this. As we sat there, another rental car was pulled over too. As we have talked to people, we have heard more and more that they target the rentals. The even crazier part is that we were being passed by ALL of the cars and even the BUSES when we were pulled over - not those cars or buses - just us.

So, Mike says he is done with driving, and Papa takes over. We go below the speed limits the entire way there. I have the brilliant idea to make Morgan do her math in the car since she is trapped. Apparently, this was not so brilliant. Who knew? She complained the ENTIRE time. "I don't understand" and "I don't know how" and "I don't get it" and on and on. I was ready to pull her out of the car and spank her, but I didn't dare ask them to stop the car! :)

We went shopping in Playa Del Carmen, and Morgan, Emily, Mike, and I all found stuff. We had a really good time walking down 5th Avenue which is a pedestrian street filled with shops - some open air places and some actual stores.

After shopping, we went to the Royal Haciendas resort where Grams and Papa stay next week. It is very different than the Royal Sands, but it is very nice. It has very pretty grounds, and the beach is awesome. It has some hammocks to lie in as well. The units have a little nicer furnishings, and they have awesome showers. We ate the buffet (Morgan had grilled cheese and Emily had chicken nuggets). It was very good. Then, we swam in the pool, and we had a drink at the pool bar (the Royal Sands has MUCH better bartenders) even though they have no vacation-sized drinks at this one - BUMMER. Then, the girls went to the beach and played.

As we started the drive back, the traffic was really backed up. We got nervous as Grams and Papa got stuck in some military stop last week, but this turned out to be brief and was just caused by road construction. When we get close to Cancun, Grams tells Papa to go straight where we should have turned right. OOPS...:) We got to see the University of Cancun, and then we turned around and came back. We had to get some gas for the rental, and they pump your gas (in liters) for you.

We were all happy to be back at the Sands. Home sweet home. Well, for one more day. Another fun filled and exciting day of vacation! I will post pictures later.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great vacation, all in all! I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with the local policia! I'm an American living in Playa del Carmen for over 3 years now. Fortunately, I've never been pulled over. Yes, the rental cars with the stickers on them are a dead giveaway for the cops! They only earn about $10,000 a year, so fleecing tourists is a convenient way for them to provide a comfortable living for their families. So, perhaps your husband can take comfort in the fact that somewhere in Mexico, a family is eating very well this month! :)