Saturday, February 21, 2009

Travel Day(s)

I am in the Atlanta airport waiting for my flight to Mumbai. I had good luck in Cancun, and they were looking for a single traveler to Atlanta to take the earlier flight in business class. :) So, I got here early and got a good seat! :)

I was so proud to be an American today as I was going through Immigration in Atlanta. People were trying so hard to help those who didn't speak English. Even at the McDonald's counter, they were really trying. I did notice that the speed is MUCH faster here than in Cancun. The lines move, and people are always saying hurry up! over here! In Mexico, it seems that people are more patient,

I am in the Crown room getting ready for my LONG flight to Mumbai. I will be spending the night on the plane, so I won't be posting until at least tomorrow - maybe Monday.

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