Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday in KL

Today ended the exhibit hall hours for HIMSS AsiaPac. We had a fantastic day! I got to learn more about how clinics and operate here, and then we went sightseeing. We went to the Batu caves which was really, really, really cool. When you arrive, there is this HUGE gold statue. There are 272 steps to walk up to get to the caves. I was thinking - 272, how bad can it be? Well, the first thing is that there are monkeys all around. These monkeys need to go to the bathroom, so they pee on the steps. Then, the steps are pretty steep, and the fact that it is 272 in a row makes it a difficult climb. This nice couple told us at about step 60 that it helps if you walk in a diagonal cross pattern (walk at an anle to the right and then walk at an agle to the left and then to the right and then to the left, etc). that it helps. It did help a ton. At one point, my legs were killing me. Apparently a monkey came up right behind me. Jose says, "Amy, there is a monkey behind you" in a quiet voice. I forgot all about my legs hurting and I starting MOVING up the stpos quickly. :)

When you get to the top, there is the very cool cave, and then you go up more steps - LOL - and there are Indian gods around and more clave looking statues. We hang for a bit and then we start the trek down. I think my ear is still bothering me as I kept getting dizzy.

After the template, we went to the Central Market and shopped. It was really good, and I hope I have enough room to bring it all back!!! I am falling asleep so I will write more tomorrow.

Ok, I am awake again, and I can now continue. :) After shopping, we went back to the hotel, and we changed quickly and went to dinner. We ate at the Wasabi restaurant at the hotel, and the food was fantastic. The service wasn't so good though, but we had a good time eating and laughing. Jose and Ryan had to leave for the airport after dinner, but Christy, Matt, and I went to the bar in the lobby for a bit. Then, we went to the Sky Bar. It is really cool because it is by a pool (although you can't swin which is a little odd and I was scared someone was going to fall in all night when dancing). You can see the Twin Towers (Petronas Towers) perfectly from the bar, and they are all lit up until midnight. It was a spectacular sight (also fabulous as described by the local who told us to go there). We had a good time, talking, dancing, and taking in the sights. Christy and Matt went to the Discotheque, but I was coughing (have had a sore throat, couch, and NO voice all day) and decided I should go to bed.

It was a fantastic day. It was my last full day in KL, and I have some time tomorrow before I leave.

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