Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Luggage is here, Luggage is here, Luggage is here!

So, do you think all of the tags they put on it might have added to the confusion??????????

The Suitcase - Isn't it beautiful and all in once piece. :)

Evil zip ties on the zippers. Grrrrr....My knife got them though. :)

Who cares that it is 2am, my LUGGAGE IS HERE!!!!! I am so happy that I am not sure I will be able to go back to sleep :) It arrived in one piece, and it had the zippers locked with ziptie things. I think that was a little bit of a cruel joke because I got it, and I am excited. I can't open it, and I have to go find something to cut it with. There is a silverware set in my room for the fruit, and I used that knife to split it. I have now found the things that need pressing and hung everything up or put it in a drawer. I am so happy that I can slee in a comfy tshirt! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!

Now, I need to calm down to go back to sleep.

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