Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday in KL

Today started a bit frantic as I got busy this morning and then had to rush getting ready. I missed breakfast, and I was mad because we didn't get a break in the exhibit hall until 2:00. Thankfully, Christy brought me a muffin from Starbucks, and it was actually fantastic (banana chocolate chip).

We ate lunch at The Dome again, and this time I had the vegetarian bruschetta. Man, was it good. We had it as an appetizer and then I ordered it for my meal. After the hall closed, we quickly went to change clothes and then we went to the Central market. The taxi ride took forever because traffic was bad. The market was kind of cool to see as it was like a mall but it had little booths instead of stores. You had to bargin to get the prices down (I suck at barganing with people but thankfully Jose was good at it and he was with me). I didn't get much, but I got a couple of things to bring back. We also saw a foot spa where the fish eat the skin off of your feet. I think we might try it tomorrow as I am told it is something you should experience once. While we were looking at it, I met a guy who was raised in Nashville and went to UT. What a small world!

After the Central market, we went to the Night Market which is much more like street market with people coming up to you and harrassing you. We ate at a chinese place that I was very scared of. I hope I am not sick tomorrow. :) The food was pretty good but I stuck with the rice and noodles for the most part. :) They asked if we wanted large or small beers and all of us said large except for Christy. When they say large, they mean it! These were these enormous bottles of beer.

When we got back to the hotel, there were clouds in the night sky that looked really cool against the Petronas Towers (Twin Towers), so we took some pictures.

When I got back to my room, I cracked up that the ftuit was bananas. It has been a little more exotic than that most days, so for some reason the banana just had me howling.

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