Saturday, February 14, 2009


WOO HOO!!! Vacation TIME!!!!!!! We get up at 6:30 am…fun, fun fun. Who cares? We are going on vacation! I get Morgan up, and she is remarkably ready to get up. Mike looks at me like I am crazy and asks why I am up so early. I tell him that Morgan still has some packing to do as she fell asleep on the floor the night before. We get all loaded and head to get Emily. We see a ton of beautiful hot air balloons, and we take some pictures. Hysterically enough, they were directly above Emily’s house when we got there. J She says her goodbyes, and we leave for the airport.

Mike drops us off at the door, and the sky cap says I can check Mike’s luggage too as long as I have his passport. We get an offer to upgrade to 1st, but it is only for the short leg to Miami so we decide it isn't worth the money. :) Ok, I decided. The girls wanted to spend the money!

Mike catches up with us, and we go to through security. The girls want Starbucks, so we get the million calorie drinks (double chocolate chip frappachino) and chocolate muffins (because double chocolate chip isn't enough). Mike and I get Bojangles biscuits, and then we go to the plane.

The first flight was uneventful. The girls were good. All is grand. We didn't have long in Miami, so we made the trek to our gate. By the time we get there, they are boarding zone 5 and we are zone 2. So, we board. No food. No drinks. BUMMER.

We pull out of the gate, and and we are preparing to take off. All of the sudden, the pilot says, "We have to wait for an hour due to crowded skies in Cancun.", we sat there for an hour and a half. I sent Grams and Papa and email in case they saw it. It said, "Grrrr....stuck in Miami for about an hour." Grams replies back with "Double Grrr....." I cracked up. :) The flight was fine, and we made it to Cancun without any trouble. Other than semi long lines at Immigration and Customs, we didn't have any trouble. We sat next to a really nice family from Finland on the plane, and they were in line with us through Customs.

Once we made it through customs, we had to make it through the line of liars at the airport who were trying to tell us that we needed a travel voucher. LIAR! :) We made it to the Thomas Moore van. It was so hysterical in that they MADE us put the luggage on this cart. We kept saying we were ok, but they insisted. Then, the man looks and Mike and says, "You push." I was cracking up. Anyway, we made it to the hotel with the girls giggling and singing "McDonald's in Mexico, Subway in Mexico, Pizza Hut in Mexico" with every American place we passed. :)

We went to eat when we got in, and we began the "this doesn't taste like the (insert the food or drink here) at home" whining. Hopefully, it will get better as we go. :)

SOOOO happy to be on vacation! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

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