Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday in Cancun - Last Full Day :(

Today, it was overcast when we woke up. The girls were excited about the treasure hunt activity that started at 10am. By 9:45, it had started raining. :( Grams and I went to see if we could start laundry while the girls went to check out the treasure hunt. The laundry attendant said that we needed to come back because they were all full. Grams and Papa were on the computer in the sports bar area, and I went to check on the girls. They were just starting the treasure hunt, and they divided into a white team and a black team. They first went to the sports bar area! The chips were hidden right by Grams and Papa. It was too funny. Then, they went to the lobby. Last, they went to the store. In each place, they had to find a white chip and a black chip. Morgan found one and Emily found two. The other two spots were outside, but they didn't do that because it was raining. They each got a sucker and a coupon for a coke.

Meanwhile, Grams and I went back to the laundry. Here, she has you weigh your clothes as they can't be more than 4 lbs. Thankfully, none of ours were. We started the wash and went back to check on Papa and the girls. Mike has come down now, and I have to go to Thomas Moore to arrange for my return trip to the airport. I thought there was an error on our bill, but there was not. I heard the rental car person warning these two ladies about getting stopped by the police. Glad our experience paid off for someone else.

We ate lunch in the sports bar area. Grams and I had nachos, Mike had calamari, Morgan had a hot dog - oh wait, she ORDERED a hot dog but didn't like it so ordered a grilled cheese, Emily had - wait for it, wait for it, CHEESE PIZZA! We hung out and had a good time. We finished our laundry and then we went back to the room to prepare for going shopping. No rainy day is going to get us down! :)

We had a good time looking around the mall. Poor Grams only bought a bathing suit for Morgan (Trust me, you do NOT want to take Emily and Morgan bathing suit shopping unless you have a LOT of time for trying on) and ice cream for the girls. Mike and Emily got some things to take home to their family. Morgan and Emily got these oyster shells with pearls in them for a necklace. They were so excited that they could barely talk.

Tonight, we just packed up and relaxed in the condo. We had pizza delivered to the room. We paid our bill so that we are allowed to leave tomorrow. :)I leave at 9:20, and Mike leaves with the girls at 2:20. I am excited and nervous about my big adventure. I can't believe I will be in 4 different countries over the next 2 days! I hope I don't go crazy on the plane. I will update as I go.

Pictures from Thursday and Friday are here

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