Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday in KL

So, I had called for a wake up call, and I completely forgot about it. So, I woke up early and went to breakfast. I came back to the room, and a few minutes later the doorbell rings. I think it is odd, so I look out the peephole and ask who is there. The man says the concierge and I see three hotel staff people. So, I open the door. They tell me that I had a wake up call and I hadn't answered the phone. I was amazed that THREE people came to the room.

Each day, the hotel brings a different fruit to the room. Today, it was pears. It has been something different each day. It is a nice touch.

We went to The Dome restaurant for lunch, and I had a chicken pot pie. It was pretty good, but I bit into a bone halfway through and kind of got creeped out. It is at the mall next to the hotel. I had to go to the restroom while we were there, so I went downstairs and waited in the long line. The lady walks out of the last stall, and I start to walk in there. It is a squat toilet, so I quickly walk back out. Then, when a stall came available, the restroom attendant sprayed down the toilet and put toilet paper on the seat for me. I was embarrased, but it was a very nice gesture.

After the show, I went to eat with Jose and Ryan. First, we had a drink in the lobby with the rest of the crew (they were having dinner with a client). I ordered a jack and coke, and they bring the coke in a little pitcher and the glass with just the jack. It was nice because you got to mix it how you liked it. :) Ryan is in love with the food court at the mall, so we went there. I wasn't feeling too well (sore throat - grrr), and I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat. I finally decided to get kim bop at the Korean place. I ended up with ALL of this food - soup, rice, some bowl of other stuff, and the kim bop. The Kim Bop was really good. The rest, not so much.

I was so exhausted. I guess it is the time change. I took a nyquil and went straight to sleep.

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