Friday, January 2, 2009

The iPhone Saga

So, I got an iPhone for work, and it stopped working after 2 days. I called the work wireless desk, and they had me walk through many steps. The phone said to connect to itunes. When I did, it said that it needed to be restored. Then, it kept giving an error saying that it couldn't restore (a 1604 error whatever that means). I tried to restore it, reinstalled itunes, tried a different computer, reset the iphone, etc, etc etc. None of it worked. The wireless desk then called Apple. They had me try the same things again and then determined that the phone was broken. So, they say they will send a new one. I wait the 3 - 4 days, and I haven't heard anything and no phone has arrived. So, I call again, and they say, "oh, we needed a credit card number in case you don't send the old one back.", I give the number, and then phone comes two days later.

The lady on the phone had told me to ask the driver to wait, to open the box, to take out the phone and put the old phone in the box. She said there would be a new label under the label that would be for returning it. So, I open the box, I take out the new phone. I put in the old phone. I tape it up, and I give it back to the Fedex man. He leaves and I plug the new phone into itunes. It says, "No SIM card." I say, "SH*T." I immediately call Fedex and tell them that I need to get the package back that was just delevered and then picked up again. She says she needs the tracking number of the package. I tell her I have no idea but that i have the delivered package tracking number and they can find the driver that way. She insists on the new tracking number. So, I hang up. I am looking in my email while waiting on hold for Apple, and I see that it actually had the new number too! So, I call Fedex back, and of course I get a new person to tell the horribly confusing story to. Love it. I give the new number, and I ask if he wants the old number too since the driver could be found using it. He says, "no, we just need the new number." I ask how I will know if the find the driver (this is new year's eve so I don't know how long I should wait). He says the dispatch will call.

About an hour later, the phone rings, and the dispatch guy says that the new package hasn't been scanned in yet but that he has sent an all truck bulletin out mentioning our address and asking the driver to call in. I said, "can't you just find him using the original package tracking number?" and he says, "You HAVE the original number?" I tell him that I have been trying to give it but that nobody wanted it. So, he takes that number and the driver shows up in 5 minutes. WOO HOO! So, when I open the box again, I see that there were INSTRUCTIONS on the inside of the box. LOL. So, I removed the SIM card with the little tool they provided...:) I gave the driver and tip and resealed the box. Whew. The phone worked! I will give a review of the iphone compared to the instinct later, but the iphone does a lot of cool stuf. So far, I would have to say that the instinct is better overall, but it might just be because I am used to it. I will give a detailed review after a week or so. Hopefully, this one will work longer than 3 days. :)

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