Sunday, May 24, 2009

Relaxing Sunday

We just hung out at home for the most part today. We played Wii, watched TV, and generally hung out around the house. Michael was addicted to the Active Trainer on the Wii. He played it for hours. It was fun to watch him enjoy it so much. Katie and Morgan also did a turn on it. They also played rock band and some other Wii games. It had been a while since we had used the Wii as the new puppy had chewed through the sensor wire. Now that it is replaced, we are back to Wii! :) I forget how addicting that thing can be. I wish I had invented the Wii...:)

I did go to Feet First in Tampa to get a new Polar Watch, and I was very impressed by the service a the store. It is a drive, but I think I might keep going there just because of the service level.

We thought about going on a bike ride and swimming, but right around that time it POURED rain. Oh well.

For dinner, Mike grilled chicken on the grill and steamed brocolli and asparagus. It was yumm...Great grilling out for memorial day weekend.

Katie got a virus on her computer, and Mike was frustrated most of the day trying to fix it. I always think about what a shame it is that these virus people use their skills to do harm instead of good. Those people could probably invent some pretty cool stuff!

Loved being able to relax and having nowhere that we had to be. :)

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