Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trip to Atlanta

I arrived in Atlanta through a very rough descent (I actually gripped the arm rests), and noticed that the weather was pretty icky. I rode MARTA. I like MARTA, and I laugh hysterically when I think about us taking field trips to Atlanta and riding MARTA. Last time, I took a cab from the MARTA to the hotel. This time, I thought I would be super thrifty and take the Hilton van. So, I called the minute I got off the train, and I was told that "the driver was on his way." So, I make my way to the 1st floor, and I see all of these vans. I wait for about 20 minutes, and there is no Hilton van. So, I call the hotel and make sure that he is really on the way. Yes, he is on the way. No, she cannot tell me an estimate on when he will get there. Yes, the van says Hilton on the side. Hmmm....the thunder and lightening is getting stronger and closer. I wait 10 more minutes, and the van finally arrives. The driver makes NO attempt to even remotely consider helping me with my luggage. So, I lug it up into the van and lug it to the luggage section.

I sit down. No greeting. No welcome. Nothing. In less than 3 minutes, we are at the hotel. HMMMMM....why did it take over 30 minutes to get there? How could he have been "on the way?" I start to exit the bus, and I realize once again that the driver is going to make no attempt to help me with my stuff. Not only that, but he doesn't even say have a nice stay or anything. So, nice, quiet Amy says, "Thanks so much for all of your help." I get to the desk, and the check in lady is less than friendly. Not mean, but not typical Hilton service.

I get to my room, and I realize that the diet cokes that they emailed me asking if I wanted to order (I said yes) were not in my room. They emailed me THREE TIMES about it, and then they didn't deliver. So, I reach for the phone to call the desk. It is a cordless phone and doesn't work. Hmm...Is this the same Hilton? Later, I mention the diet cokes to the desk, and she says she will have them delivered. After we went to Taco Mac for dinner, I came back to the room where the diet cokes wer put in a container on ice. Hmm...the email said they would be in the REFRIGERATOR...not sure what the weird display was all about, but they also brought mints and glasses of water? odd....

Otherwise, the day was pretty normal. :)

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