Saturday, January 8, 2011

Flight to India

I got to the airport with about an hour and 10 minutes until the flight (after I parked and got to the check in). I went to the sky cap first, and he said he couldn't check me in because there was some restriction. He said to go inside. I went to the kiosk area and got in line. They can't help me either....I need full servcie. I get in the Platinum/First Class line. I am waiting for quite a while (about 20 minutes and I have already spent 30 minutes total at this point trying to check in). I have 40 mins before my flight now. I am next in line but the people there are NOT moving. The "non-platinum line" that was long now has one person in it. Crap! I should have taken the long line. Finally, one of the stations open and as I am walking there, this condescending man in a red jacket tells that guy to stop working the line I am in because there is a large group. First of all, I am in the platinum/first class line because I fly Delta all the time. Secondly, I was the only one in that line so why wouldn't you help me first and THEN help the group? I had been waiting a long time, and the guy even told Mr Mean Red Coat Guy that. He told him to do it anyway. I tried to be funny and nice about it all and asked him if he was really going to do that to me. He said yes but that I would be next. 25 minutes later, I FINALLY got someone. MAN!!!!!!! The only reason I got someone is because I got Mr. Mean Red Jacket Guy to get me someone. Geez....

I get to security and it isn't too bad, but it isn't open either. I go into the body scanner and my sequins on my shirt cause it to go off. I get frisked (man, I think she wanted to date me). I get to the gate and they are already boarding first class. A little too close for me even though I still had time.

I sit next to a really nice woman, and we chat the whole way to Atlanta. She was going to Calcutta so it was kind of funny. She goes a lot to India.

In Atlanta, I have about 2 hours. I go to the Sky Club because I have some calls and because I am SOO hungry. I get some hummus and pretzels, and I am happy. The call was something that I shouldn't have even been involved in, and once I finished it, boarding time was close. Surj said he was at the airport but not yet to the gate. I made my way to the gate and Surj said he was on the tram. I boarded and started to get settled when Surj got on the plane. We were sitting one row apart. We asked this guy to switch with us, and he reluctantly did. The seats are those ultra cool "lie flat" seats in business class. I am excited to try them as I haven't ever been in them.

I brought crackers and powerbars in case I needed them, but instead they stuffed us the whole way here. Here is a sample of part of the menu for ONE flight.

I tried to sleep on the first leg after the dinner, but I didn’t sleep much. I got a few little naps but nothing significant. It was actually kind of hot on the plane. People who know me will tell you that if I thought it was hot, then it must have been really hot. Mike would have hated it.

We land in Amsterdam, and it is morning there. We wander through the airport, and then we decide to find the Sky Club. We walk and walk and walk down these weird hallways that seem like you must be going the wrong way, and all of the sudden, we find it! We go in for a bit and chill, and then we head back to the gate as they start boarding about an hour before the flight (Crazy to me). I had a bit of trouble too with the lie flat seats. They are nice to change it up, but I actually think a good recline might be a bit more comfy. The issue is that your legs are really lower than your body so it seems like you are going to slide off the chair. Whoever came up with the term “lie flat” has a different definition of “flat” than I do. However, they were still nice to have and I thought they were really comfy when reclining. I also watched the movie, “Easy A.” It was very cute.

We go through the pre-flight security screening, and it is pretty smooth. Soon, they board. Surj and I sat together again, but a man had to move again for us to do so. This time, we were in the middle section of 2 seats. I didn’t think I would really like it, but it was actually nice because we both had an aisle. We had fantastic food again, and I had some chicken dish. Then, I fell asleep. Actually, I didn’t even make it all the way through dinner. And I slept HARD. I thought these seats were a little more comfy, but I am not sure as they seemed the same. I didn’t notice the leg slant as much for sure. Regardless, I slept well. When I woke up, I watched “Grown ups.” It was fantastic. I loved it. By the time it was over, I had just enough time to finish my book, “Bitter is the New Black.” It was very cute and witty.

We landed in Mumbai, and I had a few flashbacks to my last time here as a transit passenger. I was SO happy to be a normal passenger and not a transit. I didn’t have to sit in that silly room or anything! Surj’s luggage came pretty fast, but mine did not. It was actually pretty slow. BUT, I was just thrilled to get it!

We walked outside and saw the car waiting for us. Thankfully, it said Surj because my name showed as Mr. Army Gleason. Too funny.

It is now Saturday night around midnight (going into Sunday). We ride to the Intercontinental Mumbai, and it was very close to the airport. We checked in, cashed in some dollars for some rupees, and I went to bed! I slept incredibly well before meeting Surj at breakfast around 10.

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  1. Wow, what a long trip! The menu on the plan is unbelievable! I didn't know international flights had such a nice food selection.