Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Arm, Dinner, Purse Update

Today, Morgan had a doctor's appointment for her arm. Her arm has healed well, but they want to see her back in 6 weeks to see what is up with the bone piece that is still hanging out and unsure of where it is going to go. She is having some snapping in her elbow that is bothering her some but not a lot. Still very impressed with Shriner's.

Phil has been in town for the past few days, and it is great to have him in the dev lab. We all went to Millie and Tony's restaurant, Nova Steakhouse, for dinner. It was VERY good. I was impressed. We had some mushroom soup as a tease, and then I had the 8oz filet with blue cheese and a potato thing. I saved a bunch of points for dinner, so I was SO hungry. Maybe not the smartest idea for a fancy steak place. However, the decorations were very nice. The waiter was good. The food was excellent. I will definitely return. Great anniversary restaurant or a great place to take a client.

Update on the purse incident: Josh was able to get the camera exchanged, so I had to exchange that one for the original type I had. I am happy to have my camera back. :) The memory card was ok, so it is working well. :) I will post some pics tomorrow. He has also ordered me a replacement phone from ebay. Should be interesting. I do appreciate the effort, time, and money that Josh (and Lauren) have spent. Even though the experience has been extremely frustrating (and disgusting), I am thankful that Josh is trying to make it right. I bought a new purse today. It is weird having a different purse. You have to figure out where to put all of your stuff. I still haven't gotten a wallet. I need to try to find one like the one I had. It was working well for me and keeping my stuff somewhat organized. I had only had it for a few weeks (of course), so I should be able to find an exact match. I haven't heard anything on the insurance on the Bond phone. :(

I did get up this morning and do week 6 #3 of the couch to 5k program. It is 25 minutes straight of jogging! WOO HOO!

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  1. OMG, LMB told me about the purse incident. NASTY.

    Congrats on the running...I am SO jealous. I am totally sidelined, as I can barely walk. I am thinking the February 1/2 marathon isn't going to happen after all. :( If the pain doesn't get any better in a week, I am going back to the ortho for MRI and all the next steps. STINKS.

    Missed you guys this weekend!