Friday, December 14, 2007


Obviously, I have been a bad blogger. This week was so crazy busy. First, I had client meetings in the office on Monday and Tuesday, and then Wednesday I traveled to Colorado and flew back on Thursday. Today, I have barely survived the day. Whew. On Wednesday, I got up at 3:15am to shower and get ready for the airport. Fun, Fun. I felt like Mike. I made sure to kiss him goodbye at 4am as he does when he is leaving before dawn. :) Of course, I was asked by our out of town client if I could pick them up on the way to the airport, and I said sure. I found out later that my flight actually was an hour later than I thought, so I could have actually slept an extra hour. Oh well. I hadn't prepared for my two demos in Colorado yet, so I did that at the airport and then on the plane until the battery died.

Colorado is COLD. BRRRRRR. There was all this white stuff all over the ground. :) I was so hungry after the first demo that I caved and had Mexican food. :) It was SO good. I didn't do that badly, but I felt guilty enough to do good at dinner. I went to this Italian restaurant by my hotel late that night (I had two rounds of demos so it was late evening by the time I finished. In the bar area of the restaurant, there were 4 guys who were very passionately talking politics. I haven't gotten to talk about politics in a long time. I even got to tell the "democrats raise taxes which means mommy has less money which means that I get less toys" story. :)

Morgan's mini cheer team had their Christmas party today at Pump it Up. What a great concept that place is. They have it down from taking belongings from one room to another to having hand sanitizer ready for each kid as they go to the party room. Impressive. Tomorrow is her Youth Gold team's party. She also has her India project due on Tuesday. Should be a fun weekend!

Today we celebrated Travis' FORTIETH birthday since it is on Sunday. :) Wow. Happy Birthday Travis (you old man). :) To make him feel at home, we all wore sixties attire. :)

Josh ordered me a phone from ebay and it is here and on. Please send me your contact phone numbers here.

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