Saturday, December 8, 2007


So, I walked some of it - well, a lot of it. :) My original plan was to run 15 minutes, walk a couple, run 15 minutes, walk a couple, finish. So, I ran the 15 minutes. And I walked a couple. But, my plan fell apart from there. So, I just ran/walked the rest of the time as bes I could. It was fun. I am so glad I did it. I can so feel the running in my legs. We had a great time. Mike was ahead of me at the end, but he waited so we could finish together. That was very sweet of him. Michael, Chris, and Morgan all finished as well. Morgan even got 3rd for the 9 and under girls. She got a Dick's $10 gift certicate and a pedometer/mp3 player. :) Michael and Morgan even did the Kids 600m dash AFTER doing the 5k so that they could get a pair of TB Lightning crocs. Mark was the fastest of the bunch and came in earlier than all of us. :) I am proud that I did it. As we were leaving, a lady told us about one in St. Pete on Jan 19th in St. Pete. So, I guess I will give that one a try next. It is just a little over a month. Maybe I can run that whole one? That would be cool. :) It was amazing to see the first, second, and third place runners. They finished in around 15 minutes. WOW. We preferred 46 minutes. :)