Monday, December 3, 2007

The purse incident!

WARNING - This is disgusting. If you are a wimp or have a weak stomach or are eating, this is probably not the post for you.

Non-disgusting part of the story

So, Saturday, started off kind of hectic. I knew that with the Christmas Party I needed to exercise. But, we needed to leave by 8:30 to go to Orlando for Morgan's cheer competition at Dr. Phillips High School. Mike, Michael, and I got up and went jogging (week 6 #2 of the couch to 5k plan for me). This one was two 10 minute runs with a 3 minute walk in the middle. With the warm up and cool down, it was 35 minutes. I had to rush into the shower, so I asked Mike to get Morgan's hair up in a pony tail. I am in the shower and Morgan comes in with her hair leaning to one side and with two humps. She is near tears so I tell her that I will fix it. I am giggling at this because usually Mike is the one who is good with hair. I am so NOT a good hair person.

We arrive at the cheer competition, and I get Morgan dressed and in make-up. Of course, we got there about 30 minutes early and we still weren't ready at 10:30. Typical. Morgan got changed, but then she decided that her brand new shoes were the wrong size. Since they are $50, you can imagine my joy. Then, she decides that it was just the tongue in the way and they are fine. Whew. Then, I need to fix her hair again. I spray it and spray it and spray it. Now, it is the dreaded make up time. Since I wear very little make up, I am always dreading this part. Morgan immediately starts looking for someone else to do her make up. :) I get it started, but the eye liner is where I am not so good. :) Thankfully Sarah's mom did it for her and did a fantastic job. Then, I was brave and did the lipstick. Maybe by the end of the year I will have the whole thing down. Go Mom!

Her mini team ROCKED. They did so well. Kelly and Jason certainly have done a good job of getting them prepared. They win first place!!!!! I rush her off to get her changed for her next team (thinking I am doing a good job). We are looking for her team and can't find them. Finally, we see them outside. As we walk out, one of her coaches tells us that we weren't supposed to change her and that the coaches would do it. Morgan feels like she is in trouble and starts to cry. Alice and Kelly reassure her that she is not in trouble. I told her that we know now, so she shouldn't be worrying about it. A team they were competing against went first. Whoa....are they really level 3? Every person on the team could do a punch front. It looked really great. They nailed their stunts and tumbling. Uh oh. Morgan's team did well, but they had a few bobbles and a few tumbling errors. Morgan did well. I was proud.

After the competition, I hurried out so I could meet the Raleigh/Boston/Philly crew for the Bond Christmas Party. As soon as I pull out onto I4, it is a parking lot. I start to freak. It is 4:00. Party starts at 7. I have to get dressed and everything and drive there. Uh oh. Cutting it close. About 5:15, I talk to Mark. He says the party starts at 6. UH OH. I am SO not going to make it. I drive faster than I should, and I arrive at the hotel around 5:50. I decide that there is no time to take another shower (thank GOD I took one in the morning). Mike and I rush out to hurry to the Christmas Party. Oh wait. We need liquor. They only serve wine and beer, and that is too many points. So, we go to the liquor store to get some rum. We arrive at the party around 6:45. Not too bad. We order a diet coke in a tall glass. The bartender says, "I thought you two drank last year." I ignore her. She says to Mike, "Didn't you drink last year?" I am wondering what that says about us that the bartender knows that we drink when we only see her once a year. Odd. Mike keeps going to the bathroom to make drinks. I wonder if anyone noticed? :)

After the party, we head for Whisky Park North. This is not my usual type of place to go, but what the hell? We go upstairs, and we see most of the Bond crew. We notice that the Boston/Raleigh/Philly connection is not there. We find out later that they didn't meet the dress code since they changed clothes. Bummer. We do catch up with them once they are back in party attire. Glad I didn't change! We have a great time dancing (everyone formed a circle and people went in and out of the middle). Of course, I wasn't surprised when Mike went into the middle or even when Travis did. I WAS surprised when TONY went in the middle. He never dances. I forgot to mention that Tony had a date set up by Millie. :) Good job Millie. Of course, he almost missed it since Phil had to go buy pants and have them taken in (he said his wife would have killed him if he bought off the rack pants lol).

Ok, now is the gross part. Stop reading if you don't want to know (you really probably don't want to know but I can't resist it. I have to show).

Josh and Lauren were also at Whiskey Park. We were having a grand old time with them until...Josh picked up my purse and PUKED IN IT. Let me repeat that. He picked up my purse and vomitted IN my purse. Not like accidentally puked on it instead of the floor. Oh no! He AIMED for it. So, I am furious. Josh has to leave (which was probably good). We leave thereafter as I am disgusted. We take Travis home, and head to the hotel. I remember being SO thirsty but I really didn't want to wade through the puke to get a diet coke. Mike didn't have any cash, so I was out of luck. I tried to clean off the phones and camera that night, but I kept gagging. I got most of it off, but I finally surrendered and went to bed. Of course, it is very late by now. I wake up at 6:00. I start freaking out because my phone doesn't work. Morgan is spending the night with a friend from the gym, and their phone number is in my phone. UGH. I try and try and try to get the phone to work. No dice. I finally think about changing my phone greeting to leave Mike's cell number. Whew. I start going through my purse. OH MY GOSH...I CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE HOW NASTY IT IS. I start puking because it is so totally digusting to reach into my purse that has someone else's vomit all over my stuff. Mike is trying to sleep and keeps telling me that he loves me and asking if I am ok. I am in tears many times. Finally, I get everything out that I am going to get. Let me tell you that everything had at least some puke on it, but the half of my purse that had all the electronics was the part that got 90% of it. My wallet even had it inside it - even in the coin area. I wash everything that I can. I try to dry things out with the hair dryer and the air conditioner. Finally, I am as done as I will be. The worst part is that it was in a purse that my mom brought me from Italy. I loved that purse.

Josh has so far worked on the camera and has taken it back to get a new one. Neither of my cell phones work, so he is working on my personal cell phone now. I know he feels awful. I know that one day I will forgive him. I am thankful that he is trying to make it right. I will keep you posted.

Party dress: $100
Hotel room: 20,000 points
Bacardi Rum: $12
Cell Phone: $300
Cell Phone: $200
Camera: $225
Wallet: $25
Italian Purse: Priceless :(


  1. Wow! That is disgusting - you should have gone to TBU and gotten some gloves, mask, alcohol wipes, etc.

  2. He scanned the area, looking, browsing, seeking... "Ah hah! Thats the one!", he snickered.

    Without blinking an eye he grabbed the purse with the ut-most force, opened it to the electronics section, and released.

    "Muhahaha!", he screamed while being dragged away. "Muahahaha!"