Friday, May 16, 2008

Dev Meeting

The implementation team left on Friday, and I had a fantastic Mother's Day. I even had a cake made for me. I got flowers and even got handmade gifts AND a Best Buy gift card. Couldn't have been better.

The dev team arrived on Sunday. Whoa….sleep? What is that? The dev team meeting was also great, and it was fantastic to have the whole team meet up since some had never met face to face. We also had fantastic meetings, and we went to Busch Gardens for team building. Some of the team went to the Rays/Yankees game that went into extra innings and put the Rays in first place. I heard they also made a pit stop on the way back….J We did a team building exercise at Busch Gardens where we had four teams of 6 (one had 5 because Phil had to go to Jessica’s play). Each team had to take pictures of the team doing different activities. If requested, I will share it if people are interested in the scavenger hunt we used. It was tons of fun, and we almost filled an entire Shiekra car. Just a note, do NOT to go the Subway in Wesley Chapel with an order for 23 sandwiches. They are morons there, and it took over an hour to get the sandwiches even though there were ZERO customers when I went into the store. I do have to give the Wesley Chapel Hampton Inn some props. It is a beautiful hotel with amazing rooms. The conference room was also nice.

Also, miracles do happen! Almost 2 years later the United States Government paid me back for my deductible and rental car for the accident that their employee caused. I can't believe that the government can get away with that but a private citizen never would.

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