Friday, May 30, 2008

TEPR, Demos, Iowa

As soon as the dev meeting was over, I had one day before I left for TEPR. We (MediNotes) won first place for HOT products and first place in the pediatric challenge. TEPR had pitiful attendance, but I still love TEPR. I wish HIMSS or some other trade show would pick up some of the things TEPR does since I am not sure TEPR will make it another year. The classes TEPR offers are much better than your average trade show. I can bring someone new to thee industry and they can learn a lot. It is a great trade show for developers. They also try to let attendees actually compare products. I think the challenges are a fantastic way to show the similarities and the differences in the products. Yes, they are a pain to do. Yes, the scenaarios are sometimes a little silly. But, if you are really looking for an EMR, they are a great tool. The awards are also nice. Although, this is the first year we went to the final of an award category, I think that awards are good and should be something that all trade shows offer.

We did get to have some fun in Fort Lauderdale. We went to the beach and then got thirsty. We found a sign that said, "COLD BEER" with an arrow. So, we followed it.:) I had on a Tennessee shirt, and this guy named Doug started talking about Tennessee. Next thing I know, we have had several Jager and tequilla shots and we are playing darts. We went to the Elbow and had fun there for a while. Around 8ish, I took a cab back because I had to work on the challenge the next morning. Unfortunately, I decided to lie down on the bed, and I didn't wake up until midnight. OOPS. I don't know Cathey well enough to call her at midight, so I decided I would get up at 5 andf be ready for her in the lobby. I think I was hungover for 4 days. That will teach me.

After TEPR, I flew to Oklahoma for a work trip. I got to hear about how they are dealing with illegal immigrants. It was pretty interesting. I guess they are requiring you to have proof of citizenship or visa for everything. They have had thousands of people leave. It was interesting to hear the pride in their voices. I think it is great that they are trying to find a solution. While we are a great c0untry because we are a melting pot, we need to be sure that we don't sink the country by taking in more than we can handle.

When I got home, I had two more big demos. I completed 7 scripted demos in 6 days. It was insane - especially for someone who is not in sales! Next, I was home for 4 whole days in which I joined a boat club. :J You pay an initiation fee and a monthly membership fee, and you can take a boat out whenever you want as long as they are not al taken. When I was a kid, my family spent a lot of time on a boat, and I have great memories from it. I am so glad that my kids will have that too. Of course, we were on a lake and not in the bay or the gulf. The traffic channels are pretty confusing to me. I am fine as long as I know how deep it is and as long as no other boats are around. J Mike has me drive when he tubes, and he is giving me lessons as we go. We have already lost an anchor and cur our feet looking for it. J We also stayed at the Doubletree North Redington Beach, and it was AWESOME. I am not sure what is in those cookies, but they are addictive. I did find out that Christi Cookies holds the recipe (they are in Nashville). It has a great tiki bar, nice roomss, and is right on the beach.

Next, I was off to Iowa for a manager’s meeting. It was a great meeting. The more we get the two companies together, the more we begin to act as one. I did learn that if you go swimming in an indoor pool in a navy shirt, it turns brown. I ruined my favorite Tennessee shirt. :(

I got home late Friday night, and my car started acting up again. Lovely. We went out on the boat on Saturday with one of Morgan’s friends and her family. We had a great time. Then, we went to a Tampa Yankees game. I wasn’t really planning on the Yankees game, but we had a good time. The only problem was that Morgan flew out to camp thee next morning, and I hadn’t even been to Walmart or packed AT ALL. So, at midnight, I got home and started packing. Thankfully, her laundry was already done so it didn’t take that long. We got up at 5:30 and left at 6 to drive to Orlando. The flight was $200 less from Orlando, so we did that. Of course, her bag was ONE inch oversize and was a few pounds overweight. So, I had to pay extra. I am so glad that we were not on hidden camera as it was too funny with us trying to get the trunk checked in. First, I drove to the curbside check in. Because she was an unaccompanied minor, they said we had to go inside. Since I couldn’t do that with my car at the curb, I had to go park and put the trunk on a cart. HEE HEE that was funny. We finally got it inside and to the ticket counter, and then she says we have to take it across the aisle to drop it off. Lovely. I don’t think the baggage people liked us as it wouldn’t fit on their machine so he had to take it somewhere else. Morgan was a champ and went straight onto the plane without hesitation.

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