Friday, May 9, 2008

Implementation Meeting

Wow…I so deserve too be punished.. Please keep scrolling to catch up. I have not had time to do anything but work for the last few weeks it seems.
We had an Implementation team meeting in Tampa. It was the bomb (great job Julie!!!!!!) We had tons of fantastic meetings, and we also did team building at Chuck E Cheese and Busch Gardens. We really bonded as a team, andwe also had some Iowa participants. Let the blending begin! I think I will be laughing for a while. We took a Disney character personality test, and we were almost all Mickeys or outgoing people who talk well but don’t listen well. We also had a couple of Winnie’s who are detail watches and good listeners. Whew…at least some people will hear all the talking. J :Some of the funniest things were 1. Watching everyone at Chuck E Cheese - the car racing and dance, dance revolution were the most fun 2. Heather thinking that Phil had nicknamed someone Jawbone because his earpiece is called Jawbone. 3. Larrry almost puking o the Phoenix - Oh no, it isn’t going to stop was the quote I think as the ship went upside down 4. Ivan’s walk after getting wet.

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