Sunday, May 4, 2008

Disclaimers Everywhere

It seems that nothing can happen in today's world without a disclaimer. Everywhere you go you see them. It seems that they get more and more stupid by the day. For example, today we went back to Busch Gardens. They have signs everywhere by the water rides saying, "You will get wet." DUH. On the bottom of the Dominos Pizza box, it actually informs you that Dominos will not be responsible for pizzas that are ruined by reading the message on the bottom of the box. I mean, really? That is really necessary? When I was a smoker, I always paid attention to the "smokers tax" that was always being discussed. Instead, maybe there should just be a tax on stupidity. If you actually don't know that a cup of coffee is hot, taxed. If you don't know that a water ride will cause you to get wet, taxed. If you actually ruin a pizza trying to read the label, taxed. Wow, what a great place it would be because we could laugh about it AND have more money. Speaking of the non-smoking thing, in less than a month, I will have not sm0ked for a year. I cannot believe it. Amazing. 8,094 cigarettes I would have smoked. Over $1300 bucks saved. Amazing. DId you know that they aren't good for you?

I have been meaning to put pictures of my EEE Pc on here, but I kept forgetting. Here is a picture of the EEE Pc on the airplane tray table. See how well it fits? I just adore it. It really has been life altering to have something so small to take around.

As I said, we went to Busch Gardens again today. Mark actually got up early and beat us to the park. In fact, I think he was the first one there. :) He had the very first parking space. When I called at 8:50, he was already there (the park opens at 9). He rode Shiekra something like 8 times in a row. We didn't understand exactly, so we went to Montu first. It was awesome to ride with no line. We took the sky ride over to Shiekra, and then we rode that. We rode Kumba, the river rapids, walked through the Tigers (one was right on the other side of the glass staring at us and then we got to see them eat - wow, it is amazing to watch them catch the meat), rode the Pheonix flying ship, cheetah chase the Sandstorm spinning make you want to puke ride, and ate lunch. All before the Bonds arrived. Abhijeet and Mark were there with us though, so it was fun. We did all of that including riding twice on the coasters by 1. Wow. Unfortunately, Mr. get to the park early wasn't feeling so well and had to leave around 3. Maybe on the next trip he can get there early and stay all day. :) Sorry Mark, couldn't help but take one more shot. :)

Morgan and Katie had a blast playing with Tal, Riley, and Reagan. Morgan couldn't believe that Camden is so big now. She was shocked!

Somehow, even with all of the disclaimers, we managed to navigate the park with no incidents or injuries. It was a great day!!!!

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  1. love the little EEE, not sure abt the white..
    I've not been to BG in years! sounded like you guys had lots of fun!!!