Saturday, July 12, 2008

Crazy Times

Wow, I have to say that the last few months have absolutely been the busiest of my life. I feel like I never get a chance to just relax for more than a few hours. I am so thankful that I got to go to camp and to Hilton Head because those were the least busy and most relaxing.

While in Hilton Head, Morgan broke her wrist. You can see pictures below in previous posts if desired (bright pink cast). Of course, I was mortified as she proceeded to tell the ER doc and the Ortho that she had "never had a short cast before." Of course, that lead to the "oh, you have had a cast before?" question which was answered, "this is my third." Lovely. Mom and Dad, I get it. I really do. Now that Morgan has come out of the shyness bit, I get how embarrased you were when I was a child. I really apologize for all of the embarrassment. Really. Ugh, this Karma thing stinks...:)

Even with the bum wrist (she was just doing back handsprings on the beach when she landed funny and fractured her wrist), we had a great time on vacation. I have to hand it to Dry Pro as they really saved the trip. She used the dry pro cast cover and could swim in the pool, go in the ocean, build sand castles, play ladder ball, go on the boat, and even shower. She didn't have to worry about getting it wet as it vacuum seals her arm in it. I am so impressed as it has now worked for almost 2 weeks without fail. THANK YOU DRY PRO!

We got back from Hilton Head on Saturday night, and I had to fly to New Jersey on Monday morning. We had to give a demo in Long Island, and we didn't have a lot of time. Jack went to get us McDonald's while we waited on our luggage. Once we got his suitcase, we followed Jack to the demo. After 45 min or so, Jack pulls over and lets us know that we have been going the wrong way and the demo is actually in Long Island instead of NJ where we were headed. LOVELY. Travis drove us to the meeting, and we got the royal one finger salute from some New Yorkers in front of us (we almost hit them). I had to take Travis' phone away because he kept emailing while driving. Then, Tony had to point out the Statue of Liberty. Travis was much too interested and was not watching the road. Nothing like walking into a client demo an hour and a half late. As you can imagine, it was kind of tough after that. We survived, but it was rough.

The navigator in my phone lead us through Manhattan during rush hour to go to our hotel in NJ for the rest of our meetings. Travis was driving, and we had a blast. We laughed as she took us down 34th past park avenue and other well known streets. We laughed so hard. Travis said that there were more people in one block there than people who lived in his whole neighborhood. Tony kept saying that we were in the land that only cabs went. We even got a hot dog and pretzel from a street vendor, and we drove through 2 tunnels during the adventure. The whole thing only took 20 minutes longer than it took Jack who went the sensible, non-navigator route. :) I think it was worth it!

We had additional meetings in NJ at Ocean Shore Resort. I haven't ever spent time at the NJ beach, and it was interesting to be there. The view was nice, and the beach was nice. I didn't see any people in the water, but we were only outside in the evening. We walked to Sawa Japanese and to a Avenue restaurant. The Sawa place was very good. Avenue had us wait for a long time even with a reservation and then the food was only so so.

Our flight was cancelled leaving NJ. Fun, Fun, Fun. The next flight wasn't until 9:15. We get to the airport, have dinner and a quick drink, and head to the gate. We find out that it is now delayed until 11:45. Man, this trip is just full of fun. Finally, we board a little after midnight. As we are sitting there, the pilot announces that the plane is broken (he used some fancy words to describe it but my very tired brain does not remember them). I just kept thinking that the maintenance crew cannot be very fresh at midnight, and I am hopeful that they are paying attention. They must have fixed it because next thing I know we are in the air and the flight attendant is saying that we anticipate landing at 2am. WHAT????? That is crazy. I bet Travis that the rental car place will be closed, but it is actually OPEN!!! WHOA...I think that was our one good travel Karma. :) We arrive at the Holiday Inn Express in London, OH. It is actually a pretty nice place even though Krishan always gets the nicest TVs and I always get the old ones. :) It is just after 3 when I get to my room, and we have to be at the hospital at 8. WHOA...that stinks. :)

We somehow survive the day, and it is actually quite productive. Amazing. We meet Dr. A for dinner, but he is called away for an emergency. So, we eat and go back to the hotel. I talk to Morgan, talk to Mike, check email, and pass out. We are supposed to leave at 7am, but for some reason, I set my alarm to wake up at 7. OOPS. I actually wake up at 6:45 and get in the shower. Travis knocks on my door at 7, and I am all grumpy and yell that i am in the shower and will be down later. I realize at that moment that I am late. OOPS. I rush to get ready and call Travis. He is laughing and laughing and laughing. He says that Krishan isn't ready and Dr. A is still at home. He is actually waiting on us for a change. How hysterical. We are all scared to leave the hotel as the world cannot be right for this to happen. Thankfully, it changed as Travis returned to normal and made us wait every step of the rest of the day. :)

By some miracle, we finish and get to take an earlier flight. We went through Nashville (I cannot believe there is a Tootsie's in the Nashville Airport now). I miss Nashville, and I enjoyed even being in the airport. :) I got home around 9:30 and was attacked by Morgan. It sure does feel good to get home and have your daughter be so happy to see you. :)

Today, Mike, Mark, Morgan, and one of Morgan's friends went out on the boat. We had a blast even though it was somewhat overcast. Mike, Mark and I went to eat mexican (ok, ok, we really went for the Margaritas), and it was a very nice day. I fly to Chicago tomorrow for an EHRVA meeting and will return Tuesday night.

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