Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cast is OFF and Trip to Universal

What a great day. First, we got up at the crack of dawn to make an appointment at Shriner's for Morgan's wrist. We are the first patient there, and we are excited to go straight back. She gets her weight and height taken, they take off the cast, and then they do an x-ray. Then, we waited for a while for the doc and we chatted with our friend Fawn who works there. The x-ray was good, and she doesn't need a cast or brace or anything. WOO HOO!

So, we are off to Universal. We meet Uncle Mark at a Publix and then head over there. For some reason, I am just not having a good day driving. First, I missed the exit I was going to take to go to Shriner's (although I am not sure the new way wasn't faster). Then, I miss the turn to go into the parking lot and end up driving around the circle. Then, I miss the turn into the Publix parking lot (ok, this one was more because I didn't know where I was going but still). We go into Publix to see if they have anything to put on Morgan's face because her face is SOOOOO sunburnt. I cannot believe how burnt she is. Her entire face peeled. It was blistered on her nose and lips, and it just looked painful. So, I wanted her to use zinc oxide, but she wanted Faces 45. I decided that the 45 should be enough since it is in a small round container so that it can be carried around with us all day.

As we leave Publix. we see Uncle Mark walking in. Of course, we are across the parking lot froom where our car is (what is with my sense of direction today??) but we crack ourselves up calling his name as he can't figure out where it is coming from. He goes in and gets what he needs, and we are off!

We are having a great drive until I look down and see the gas light on. OOPS...I remembered at that moment that I was going to get gas before we left. BUMMER. We pull off and then there is no gas station for miles. We finally find one, and then we notice that there are bags on EVERY pump. We drive right down the street to another station. 16.4 gallons. My tank holds 17. Whew... We get back on the road heading toward the interstate, and I miss the interstate turn. Another U-turn. I really am wondering about my mental state at this point. We get to Universal and park in the valet spot at my cousin Melissa's suggestion (we called her Missy as a child but she grew up into a Melissa!).

Melissa's step-dad Ed was so very nice to get all of us passes to Universal Studios (he works there). It was fantastic to meet Melissa's daughter Hailey and her son Ethan and to see her husband Johnny. Hailey and Ethan are so adorable. Morgan and Hailey hit it off right away. I had not seen my Aunt Rosanne in years, and it was so good to see her too. They now live pretty close to us, and that is why Melissa and Johnny were visiting with the kids.

We had so much fun at Universal. We went on the new Simpsons ride, and we went on most of the others. Men in Black and the Mummy were my favorites. After the day at the park, Rosanne and Ed were gracious to have us all to their house for dinner. Hailey rode with us, and she and Morgan shared headphones and sang the whole way. The kids had a blast playing in the pool, and it was nice to get to talk to everyone a little more. Thanks again Rosanne and Ed for such a great day!!!

Mark, Morgan, and I drove back just in time to go to bed after midnight. What a perfect day with family.

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  1. Sound like you guys had a blast. I wish I was there:)