Monday, September 15, 2008

Change of State

Wow...I was just settling in for the night, and I saw the HIStalk update. What an interesting deal between iMedica and Misys. At first glance from HIStalk, it sounded like Misys wasn't going to have anything to do with it anymore. However, after reading the actual announcement, it sounds more like Misys is getting a copy of the source code to do whatever they want with in the future while iMedica continues on its path. I still can't figure out this Misys-Allscripts strategy. I originally thought it would be Touchworks and Vision for the above 25 market and Healthmatics and Ntierprise for the under 25 market. Now, I am wondering where MyWay fits. Whenever people talk about it, they say it is made for the 10 and under market. I haven't ever seen iMedica, so I am just going off of what others say. So, maybe Misys-Allscripts (can't wait to see what name they will be) will use MyWay for 10 and under OR maybe it will replace Healthmatics? It will be interesting to see. Like I have said before, it is challenging to bring together two small companies into one. I cannot imagine the complexities that the Misys-Allscripts merger has involved. If you have ideas or thoughts, post a comment!

I also read the very, very long (did I say very long?) interview of Todd Park on HIStalk. I have only briefly met him, and my impression of him was that he was grounded, passionate, and very intelligent. I loved the interview. I am not sure you could come off better in an interview than he did, and I get the feeling that it is all genuine. I really liked where he was talking about the Yin and Yang that he and Jonathan have. I really think you have to have this in a growing company as you have to push the boundaries of each other in order to grow. Nice job to Tim and Todd

Today was a typical Monday. It seemed that everyone was stepping into areas that were a little unknown to them today, so it was both exciting and strange. Travis always says that change of state is difficult, so Mondays are hard because they are a change of state. I used to think Travis was just being wacky with this statement, but I have come to appreciate it. Morgan has been studying the states of matter in science, and it made me think of it. Solids don't change their form as the particles move. I am pretty sure today I was a solid and everything else was as well. :) Maybe tomorrow I will be a liquid or a gas and will be able to change form when the particles move. :)

I have been trying to watch out to see what is happening to Galveston and Houston. I hope Missy and Johnny are hanging ok along with Joan and John and Ethan and Haley. If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.

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