Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin, Palin, Palin

The more I see of Governor Palin, the more I like. At first, I was not so sure about the choice mainly because I didn't know much about her. I was worried that McCain just picked a female to try to combat the Hillary factor. Then, I heard about her daughter who is pregnant. I thought, oh man, what has he done? Then, I heard her speak for the first time, and I was amazed. The more I have learned about Palin, the more impressed I become. I especially liked the way she challenged the systems, elimintated waste, and took time to ask the people how it was going. I read that she had a jar on her desk with the citizens in it, and she would draw a name every day and call that person to see what they thought. I love that. I am thrilled that Morgan has a female in politics who so far can be admired. This picture cracked me up this week (mainly because I get the nickname hurricane Amy when I am trying to get things done and progress isn't being made as quickly as I would like). :)

I absolutely loved Inga's quote on Histalk today, "Governors with five kids simply don't have time for Botox." I am not loving the bangs either, but I think she probably doesn't have time to get them cut either. :) I do have to say that it just has to really suck for her daughter and her significant other. Nothing like the whole world finding out about your situation...

As for all of the commotion around Obama today and his "lipstick on a pig" comment, I have to say that I see nothing wrong with the common phrase. In fact, I think that is the most commonly used phrase when referring to Misys Tiger...:)

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